Free Stuff

Free stuff will nearly always be gratefully received by somebody, whether it’s a free e-book, or an old CD. There are also many reasons why people may give their stuff away for free.

People who are moving to a smaller home are often going to decide to give away free stuff. For some, it won’t be practical to take everything with them, they will either decide to sell, or give free stuff to friends, relatives and strangers. The free stuff could range from something that’s insignificant to free furniture.

vinyl record

Most people willing to give away free stuff are likely to keep their vinyl collection.

Changes in technology is another reason why people will give some of their possessions away. For those who now prefer to keep their music collection on a portable device, by downloading music from the net, their CD collection may not seem so valuable. To free up space in their home they may be inclined to give their CDs away. Whereas vinyl records can be valuable, this is less the case with CDs. Similarly, someone who has replaced their video collection with DVDs will have no reason to keep their VHS videos, apart from for sentimental reasons.

Because of the recession, more people are finding it harder to donate money to their favourite charities. By donating free stuff to local charity shops they are at least able to still show their support, with anything from old books or clothes that have hardly ever been worn. Consequently, donated items keep everybody happy.

When looking for good free stuff, good or bad condition can be easily determined with clothes, furniture, books, etc. Other things aren’t quite so easy to check. A CD or DVD may be in a case that’s in good condition, but that doesn’t mean the item itself will function properly. If you’re going to use second hand CDs or DVDs make sure you clean them properly. By contrast, spotting damage on a vinyl record, via scratches, is quite easy.

It can be surprising the types of free stuff that some people will give away. It’s also quite healthy that in a consumer driven society some things don’t cost a penny – literally.

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