Buying and selling collectibles through the medium of classified ads can be a huge boon to a collector who knows a great deal about the items on offer, but perhaps less so for novices or those who are not confident in their own ability to recognise a quality piece from a poorer one. Knowing the market value for collectibles and having a good eye to tell the real deal from a replica or imitation can enable a collector to use the classified ads to buy and sell pieces with great peace of mind.


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Knowing the market value for collectibles and having a good eye enables a collector to use classified ads with peace of mind.

When buying collectibles through the classified ads, always be safety conscious; both of your person and of your cash and personal information. When arranging a meeting to pick up the piece, insist on being allowed time to examine the item and make sure they are of the promised quality and authenticity previously promised. Always meet strangers in a public place and be certain that you are not followed after the transaction, particularly if the item is very valuable or if you have a large amount of cash still on your person.

Similar precautions should be taken when selling collectibles through classified ads. While allowing the potential vendor sufficient time and access to the piece for examination before insisting on payment, be sure not to let them move away from you with the item.

Using classified ads to sell collectibles can be a cheap and convenient way of advertising the products you no longer need, but unfortunately does not guard against the possibility of a criminal trying to make some money by stealing the item or money received from the sale. Be vigilant and watch out for warning signs, anything about a potential buyer or seller that does not ring true. Even if the sale goes through without any criminal interference, the benefit of a quick sale, uncomplicated by handling fees such as though imposed by auction houses, can be offset by your not quite getting the best price for the item. People who scan the classified ads for collectibles are in search of a quick cash bargain, not a long considered negotiation.

Using the classified ads for buying and selling collectibles is probably best for those collectible pieces that are easily recognised and verified, with a widely accepted market value. Any pieces of greater value are possibly best handled through an auction site or on commission at a store – in those scenarios you are more likely to receive the best price for the item.

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